This is the third and special hero that you can get by purchasing a payed territory for real money. You can discover this hero on "Waypond" base that is 40th territory unlocked in the game. 

It started when a buggy was driving around the sand dunes. But, when the car sunk into the quicksand, there was no other option but to use it to build a mobile sand castle. It’s even been equipped with a laser cannon. When damaged, it can be fixed with a bucket and a shovel.

Sand Castle Hero

Hero abilities:

  • Ram: It charges the selected enemy tower, smashes into it, and takes a large number of lives from it. But, it has to be careful with this ability, as it’ll become a target if it doesn’t destroy the tower.
  • Sandstorm: It creates a sandstorm on the path. This has two purposes. If units pass through it, they’ll receive a 100% boost to their movement. If a tower or hero is under it, it will injure them.
  • Sand In The Eye: Enemy towers in the hero’s radius are hit by the sandstorm, decreasing their attack speed by several percent.